Dynamic Duo: Suntuity + Enphase Battery Storage

Battery Storage

The time has come for you to finally break free from your electric company and turn your home into a power house with solar energy. The best thing to do next is ensure complete energy independence by pairing your system with battery storage.

In addition to removing your reliance on the grid you unlock the following benefits:

  1. Resilience During Power Outages:

Unforeseeable situations can leave you without power when you need it the most. With solar plus storage, you have a self-sufficient energy hub that stands tall in the face of adversity, ensuring your home remains energized.

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Solar plus storage is a green dream team, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by maximizing the use of clean solar energy.

Selecting the ideal battery is a decision that holds equal weight to choosing the right solar provider. At Suntuity, we highly recommend the Enphase Encharge 10, and here’s why:

  1. Reliable: With the proven high reliability of IQ Series Microinverters it ensures steady performance at all times and comes with a guaranteed ten-year warranty. 
  1. Smart: The Encharge 10 is engineered for the modern age. Monitor and control directly from your mobile app and receive consumption reports. 
  1. Simple: Encharge 10 epitomizes simplicity with an easy plug-and-play installation and connects directly to your AC wiring.
  1. Safe: Its cells have been safety-tested, and it employs Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) to maximize longevity.

Embarking on your solar journey with battery storage isn’t just a wise economic and environmental decision; it’s a stride towards a future of energy resilience and self-sufficiency. 

With Suntuity and Enphase as your ally, navigating the energy landscape becomes an empowering experience.

Get started today: https://shopsolar.suntuityrenewables.com/