Dan Javan – Media Background

Dan Javan Suntuity Renewables CEO

About Dan Javan

Dan Javan is the founder and CEO of Suntuity, a prominent US renewable energy company that provides a wide range of services including residential solar, finance, water filtration, and home electrification. Dan Javan founded the company in 2008 to lead the charge in environmental stewardship, empowering both local and global communities with clean energy resources.

With over a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry and leadership, Dan has set himself aside as an expert in business development and sustainability expertise.


Speaking Topics

  • Leadership and Business Strategy: Drawing from their experience as a successful CEO and entrepreneur, Dan Javan can share insights on effective leadership and business strategy. Providing tips on developing a vision for the company, building a strong team, and navigating challenges to achieve long-term success.
  • Sales and Marketing: With over a decade of experience in management and sales, Dan Javan can discuss proven sales techniques, how to create a strong sales team and effective marketing strategies.
  • Clean Energy Innovation and Disruption: With a focus on the future of renewable energy, Dan Javan can discuss trends and innovations in technology, energy, and sustainability. Sharing insight on how Suntuity is positioning themselves to be a leader in the industry and the impact of new technologies on homes and businesses, and discuss how companies can prepare for disruption and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship and Startups: Dan Javan’s strong work ethic to build Suntuity where it is today can provide valuable knowledge and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs on the journey to building a successful startup. They can discuss the challenges of starting and growing a business, and share tips on developing a strong brand, building a team, and raising funds.
  • Customer Experience: Dan Javan puts the customer first at all times. The importance of customer experience is crucial to a successful company and Dan would be able to discuss how to create a customer-focused culture within the organization, and share examples of successful customer service strategies. Along with measuring customer satisfaction, and responding to feedback to improve the customer experience.