Suntuity Solar expands residential services to South Carolina as utility rates continue to increase

Suntuity Solar, the residential solar division of the Suntuity Group of companies with its US headquarters in New Jersey, has announced its expansion of full-suite service offerings to eligible homeowners in various South Carolina communities including Greenville and Columbia while planning further expansions through the rest of the state. Suntuity Solar has helped thousands of homeowners lower their electricity bills in states across the US including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida since its formation in 2008, and continues to expand its services in additional markets each year.

“At Suntuity, we continue to drive the savings for our clients while maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. We welcome homeowners to contact us and find out how we approach solar differently than our competitors,” said Suntuity Solar VP of Sales, Thomas Rodola. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Palmetto State residents to save money on their monthly electricity bills while lowering carbon emissions. It’s a win for both our customers and the planet.”

Last year, Greenville News reported that its residents pay some of the nation’s highest electricity bills – about $400 more than the national average – and use about 64% more electricity than most Americans. A more recent report, published in mid-2019, cited that residents will see an additional 3.7% increase in monthly utility rates this year with potential for even more increases going forward.

Suntuity Solar customers can save up to 30%* or more on their monthly bills, which presents an attractive option for homeowners that qualify. Not every home qualifies for solar, so pricing, savings and financing terms vary based on location, system size, roof condition and roof space, azimuth, tree location, government rebates and local utility rates.

Homeowners in South Carolina are strongly encouraged to see if they qualify for solar as their utility bills continually increase and may potentially become unmanageable:

About Suntuity Solar
Suntuity Solar ( is the residential solar division of the Suntuity Group of companies, a conglomerate of renewable energy, finance, technology and UAV services that has developed, built and managed over 275+ megawatts of energy projects across the globe. Suntuity Solar brings clean, affordable residential solar power to thousands of homeowners across the US with operations in multiple US states.

This press release was published by Suntuity Solar, a Suntuity company.